Brett Parker is an accomplished artist having spent his entire life as an observer of “the things that the ordinary person doesn’t see”. Through his keen observations he has been able to create realistic renderings and intricate drawings. His work is best defined as, drawn from the “inside out”.

Brett was born on a farm in Rhodesia, what is now Zimbabwe. His deep connection to nature was born on that farm, where he spent countless hours as a passionate, but quiet observer of nature and in particular birds. He continued to expand his connection to nature after he moved to Texas in 1987, where he worked as a ranch manager. 

About Brett Parker

Brett is also a certified deep-water diver, and as a commercial diver he has had extensive opportunity to travel the country and observe, draw and paint the flora and fauna throughout the United States. He works in watercolor, pen & inks, graphite pencils & charcoal. It is, however, his fine and intricately detailed pen and ink drawings that have been compared to the greatest artists of our time. 

Brett’s first commissioned pieces were for Loyola University and Virginia Tech followed swiftly by a series of commissions from private clients.

He currently lives in San Salvador, El Salvador with his wife and 5 dogs, where he has unlimited access to the beauty of El Salvador’s natural landscapes and wildlife. He is also a Dad to 2 grown children who are talented artists in their own rights.